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What are the Akashic Records?

Everything is energy. Our true nature is our Soul which is energy. Each incarnation on Earth creates an energetic record and those are the Akashic records. In other words, the Akashic records are like a library of all of your lives.

Accessing our past lives helps us to understand blockages and issues we are experiencing in our present life.

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Akashic Records Reading


Frequently Asked Questions

How are readings conducted?

After you book your Akashic records reading, we will schedule an initial phone call. During the call you will let me know 1-3 questions you would like to ask for the reading. We will then schedule a follow up call. Please see information about questions below.

How are sessions booked?

After submitting your payment, you will receive an email to schedule your initial call. Available times will be provided in Eastern Standard Time (New York time). You can also email us at

What can I ask?

Please avoid time-specific and fortune-telling type of questions. Avoid using the word 'should' as part of your question and instead ask why, how, or what. For example:

Original question: Should I change careers?

Try instead: is my current career aligned with my soul? If not, how can I find something more fulfilling and aligned with me soul?

During an Akashic Records reading is important to remind open and unattached to a specific outcome. The reading will offer you the best guidance for your highest good.


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First I want to say that I had never heard of Akashic records before over hearing someone mention it.

 I really don’t know where to start about this experience. I’m not one to write reviews but felt I needed to for anyone that is a skeptic. Priscila was awesome!! The experience was awesome!!! The information she relayed to me had me floored, impressed, amazed, laughing, questioning how many times was I reincarnated, I was what and then saying “that explains a lot “ all at the same time. When you get your reading you will understand. My questions to her about my past life explained everything in my current life with no further explanation or clarification needed. When I say everything made sense to me it made sense. When she throws in extra information that wasn’t given information that’s when you know she's the real deal. Priscila even had a special guest pop in when she was reading my energy to relay a message to me. How cool was that? This type of reading can definitely help you find answers or connect the dots. Priscila actually breaks down for you what the lives have in common to help you connect those dots. I left the reading filling completely fulfilled because everything regarding how my past life effects my current life made sense. I no longer have questions about why I do certain things because it was answered. Give Priscila and Akashic reading a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

—Dana, U.S.A